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13 June 2017

The Witness

THE WITNESS: Yang Mi, Lu Han, Wang JingChun, Zhu Yawen

Hi everyone. I'm going to share my insights about this movie. I might spoil you if you haven't watched it, so I apologize. I'm not really good at writing reviews especially without mentioning every little detail that happened in the movie. 

I actually watched it just all of a sudden, like 2 am? Or 1? Same day before the opening of my summer class. I can say it's really worth it, though. 

Anyway, The Witness is just the Chinese version. However, the actors gave justice to it.

04 June 2017

Kdrama recommendations (to be updated!)

Like what I've said in the author's part of this blog, I am into anything korean and that includes kdrama. In this blog post I will be sharing some of the dramas I've watched from 2012-present! Some dramas I will be sharing are even older but I will include some details (I will try my best to provide information without spoiling!!). And I also don't know to write a review properly so... meh.