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13 June 2017

The Witness

THE WITNESS: Yang Mi, Lu Han, Wang JingChun, Zhu Yawen

Hi everyone. I'm going to share my insights about this movie. I might spoil you if you haven't watched it, so I apologize. I'm not really good at writing reviews especially without mentioning every little detail that happened in the movie. 

I actually watched it just all of a sudden, like 2 am? Or 1? Same day before the opening of my summer class. I can say it's really worth it, though. 

Anyway, The Witness is just the Chinese version. However, the actors gave justice to it.

First of all, I'd like to recognize how gorgeous Yang Mi looked like in this movie. I just can't stop adoring her.

Regarding the movie, I can say it's really nice. At first I was kind of oblivious about what the movie would look like, but like what I've said, it was so nice. 

The first part of the movie was when Yang Mi (sorry if I'm using real names. It's because I already forgot some of their names!) picked her brother up during a presentation. They (her brother's band) were performing a Chinese children song, Chong Er Fei (Fireflies).

Her brother died and she became blind. 

I wouldn't tell you all about the story but they were like solving a case and it happened that a stubborn music lover, Lu Han and Yang Mi became the witness. I really liked the last part of the story, where they were fighting against the villain in Yang Mi's old house. Lu Han looked so manly and even sang Chong Er Fei while playing ukelele. 

At first I thought they were going to have a love line, but ended up as brother-sister love, maybe because Lu Han reminded Yang Mi of her younger brother who died.

In the end of the movie, Lu Han, together with his band, sang Chong Er Fei again. 

I'm going to give this movie a 10. The actors are excellent. Lu Han pulled it off. 

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